Durable capital for sustainable outcomes

Nonprofits aren’t set up for success.
Most lack the sustained financing required to tackle today's complex issues.

But we're working to change that.

Network for Good is making a big bet that by changing the way nonprofit organizations are financed, they will produce sustained outcomes. We are exploring new models for providing durable capital for community-aligned, sustainable outcomes.

Durable Capital

Nonprofits and social enterprises everywhere need to have a healthy financial outlook, whether it's for ongoing direct services or innovative R&D.

Sustainable Outcomes

Nonprofits and social enterprises are an asset for systems change - let’s capitalize them appropriately for long-term efficacy.

More Questions than Answers

As we pursue this future vision, we seek co-conspirators and community leaders to partner with us in this work.

Innovative Financing

How might we bring novel funding mechanisms to market that will yield durable capital?

Ecosystem Collaboration

How might we partner to strengthen the networks and systems that are essential to achieve our vision?

Community Solutions

How might we amplify community-led solutions that create sustainable outcomes?

Our role and direction

As we evolve our future strategy, Network for Good will continue to serve as an intermediary and bridge. While we are not a foundation, we believe we can catalyze capital by uplifting community solutions and piloting creative financing models.

Climate Disaster Recovery Focus

Climate-driven disasters will provide the first test-case for this hypothesis.

To understand what it means for outcomes to be “community-aligned” and “sustainable,” we’re first going deep into the disaster recovery space. We’ve found that the current flow of capital after a disaster is not durable, is wrought with inequities, and prioritizes short-term interventions. We seek to understand how a new financing system can produce sustained recovery outcomes after a disaster.

If we can strengthen funding practices in climate-driven disasters, we can scale successful models to other cause areas and fundamentally change the way social issues are financed.